At the Smilestyle Dental Centre Nottingham, we take great care of our younger patients. Below are a few dental issues that relate to children.


Teething-babies normally start to get their teeth at 6 months. Baby teeth will continue to erupt until the age of 2-3 years. Please note that these are average figures and every child is unique. During teething, your child may be fractious, have a facial rash and quite often drool. Some children may develop a fever and diarrhoea. It is very important to keep a close eye on your child’s body temperature when a fever is present.

A child’s normal body temperature is approx. 37degrees. Increase temperature 38-39 degrees can be managed by cooling, ie thin clothes, damp cloth to face and body, fan. 39 -40 degrees require (PararcetomollIbuprofen Oral Suspension) and cooling (Cold bath). Keep monitoring as episodes of high temperatures can occur throughout the night and day. Seek professional help if you are unable to control temperatures above 40 degrees. Keep your child hydrated by giving constant fluids and stick to a soft diet. Young couples are highly stressed during this period in your child’s development. Stay calm and take turns to sleep.

ThumbDummy sucking
Many children seek comfort by sucking their fingers, thumbs or dummies. Unfortunately, if this is habit continues past the early years it can affect the position and appearance of the adult teeth. Parents can play an active role by monitoring the habit and weaning children off the habit.

Sugary drinks and snacks are the commonest cause of dental decay. Children should avoid sweet food and drink especially between meals. Studies show that during snacking the pH to drops in the mouth to become acidic. This is not a problem normally if meals are spaced. Constant snacking allows a constant low pH environment which is harmful to teeth and gums. It is best to allow children, therefore, to finish their snack all at once than to allow them a little at a time throughout the day. Sweet should not be used as a reward or bribery tool.

Many children suffer trauma to their teeth during sports. This can be a very painful experience and could result in permanent damage or loss of teeth. Sportguards offer superior protection by cushioning the blow to the teeth thus protecting both teeth and soft tissue ( lips, cheeks and gums). All professional sportsperson will never venture into the playing arena without their dental protection. Unfortunately, Sportsguards are not always available on the NHS, so there may be a charge for this procedure.


Fissure Sealing

This is a protective coating your dentist may want to place on the back, adult teeth of your child. The sealant sticks to the surface of the tooth and can help reduce decay dramatically. Placing fissure sealants is quick, simple and does not damage the teeth.

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