Tooth Whitening

This is the latest technique from America that is redefining Professional Tooth Whitening.


With this predictable system, we can guarantee a “WOW” every time without the need for lights, heat or painful high concentrate gels. It is suitable for almost everyone and is carried out under the guidance of our experienced dentists every time!

Teeth become discoloured with age, tobacco use, certain medications and staining foods and beverages such as tea, coffee and red wine. Some people may become self-conscious about the colour of their teeth and simple brushing, even with whitening toothpaste does little to improve a dingy smile. Even professional cleaning can only remove surface staining. Deep Bleaching at Smilestyle is the most effective way to actually lighten the shade of your teeth. A whiter smile will boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself.

Deep Bleaching tooth whitening is the least invasive of dental treatments. It can improve your smile, boost your image and make you feel more positive about yourself. Appearance is important to all of us and research shows that a bright, attractive smile is a prime focus of attention in our daily interactions.

Before And After

I felt my smile let me down and was a reflection on my whole image.


On a personal level it is so liberating to be able to smile without being conscious of how yellowed and stained my teeth might appear to others.


A beautiful bright white smile will make you look younger, healthier and more vibrant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe? 
A: Yes it is safe and does not damage the tooth, though there may be a slight degree of sensitivity while you are whitening your teeth but this will subside once the process has been completed.

Q: Will it hurt? 
A: The treatment is comfortable and quick. There are no injections, drills or heat.

Q: How long does it last? 
A: This varies according to the individual, their lifestyle and level of oral hygiene. Under normal circumstances, we recommend a single night top up every 2-3 months to keep your new smile looking its best.

Q: How much whiter will my teeth be? 
A: Everyone is different and our bodies are unique in the way they react to treatments. Nevertheless, your teeth will become up to 14 shades lighter, which is a very significant improvement.

Q: Will my restorations change colour too?
A: Although they will be cleaned and appear a little whiter, the process does not have the same effect on non-dental tissues. If fillings crowns or veneers are planned for the front of the mouth, it is advisable to accomplish the whitening first.

Deep Bleaching at Smilestyle is the most effective way to actually lighten the shade of your teeth.. Look and Feel Your Best

7 Things you need to know about tooth whitening

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