White Fillings

At Smilestyle we have found that once a choice has been offered the vast majority of patients request white (composite) fillings.

White fillings have been around for a long time and are the easiest, quickest and so often the first step in improving your smile. Advances in material technology means that white fillings can enhance your smile for many years

Composite fillings result in a natural-looking smile. The color can be closely matched to your natural teeth, so the restorations are nearly undetectable. And because the resin compound actually bonds to your tooth, the seal is tighter and the restored tooth can be even stronger than it was before.

Advantages of white fillings:

  • Since they bond to the tooth, composite fillings restore most of the original strength of the tooth. Silver weakens the teeth, making them more susceptible to breaking. Since broken teeth are very expensive to restore, composites can save a lot of expense over the long run.
  • Composite fillings restore the natural appearance of the tooth.
  • Composites are mercury-free. Mercury in the fillings is viewed by some as being toxic.
  • Composites require less removal of tooth structure. Especially with new cavities, the size of the hole made for the filling can be dramatically smaller with composites.

The durability of resin tooth-filling material has not been time-tested, but continual improvements in the product have made resins nearly as durable as amalgam fillings.


The colour can be closely matched to your natural teeth, so the restorations are nearly undetectable.


Below are two examples of how white fillings look when done in our practice.

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