So how important is a good night’s sleep?


If you are the unfortunate sleeping partner of a snorer then you only too well how infuriating it can be. In fact snoring is the number one medical cause of divorce. But there are even more serious problems than that…

Studies indicate that at least 30% of adults snore, increasing to 60% as we get older. Unfortunately snoring typically gets worse as our muscle tone decreases and we gain weight.

A recent UK study estimated that 60% of over 65 years old have obstructive sleep apnoea.

Snoring is known to be a chronic condition. In the long term, snoring can lead to serious health problems. It can be a major factor in sleep disturbance, leading to lack of energy, poor concentration, mood swings, and irritability.

Snoring also puts a serious strain on relationships. Couples affected by snoring often go to bed at different times to accommodate the condition. Many couples slept in separate bedrooms. Snorers suffer more regularly from sore throats, dry mouths, and headaches.

It is well-known professionally that almost every person who suffers from obstructive sleep apnoea is a snorer. If you are a regular snorer and your snoring is loud, and you frequently feel tired during the day it is possible you suffer from sleep apnoea.

It is estimated that 1 in 10 people that snore also have sleep apnoea.

The symptoms are likely to include loud snoring interrupted by pauses and gasps, frequent daytime sleepiness, and morning headaches.

Obstructive sleep apnoea is a serious medical condition that has been linked to:

  • increased risk of stroke
  • high blood pressure
  • cardiovascular disease
  • arrhythmias

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea you are 30% more likely to have a heart attack or die prematurely. The condition has also been linked to:

  • cancer
  • memory loss
  • brain damage

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