Somnowell Testimonials

A Professor of Medicine from London, England: “life-transforming”

“When I consulted a colleague and expert in sleep medicine concerning my persistent fatigue and inability to concentrate I was not amused to hear he considered I needed to use a mandibular advancement device. Using the Somnowell system was not only straightforward but also life-transforming, enabling me to sleep soundly and to awake refreshed and ready for work for the first time in years.”

A Managing Director from London, England: “stopped my snoring immediately”

“I tried a few different devices before I discovered Somnowell and nothing worked. The Somnowell device is both comfortable to wear and very effective. It stopped my snoring immediately. I wake up every morning more refreshed from the better sleep I now get.”

A Lawyer from London, England: “worth every penny”

“This device is brilliant. It has quite simply solved a problem that threatened to undermine a new long term relationship. It is comfortable and fuss free and worth every penny. ”

A Consultant ENT Surgeon from London, England: “my new best friend”

“I asked my wife for a quote and she said; “My new best friend”!!”

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