What Makes The Somnowell Device Different from other devices?

What Makes The Somnowell Device Different from other devices?


The low end plastic devices obtained over-the-counter or online have many drawbacks. Not least the fact that any medical device used in the body should be provided under medical supervision.

These low end devices are mass produced in a factory. They are purchased by the end user as self-medication.

  • One-size-fits-all means they are often poorly fitting.
  • A poor fitting device is uncomfortable, ineffective, and can lead to over-erupted teeth.o supervision for the amount of jaw advancement. Leaving to chance the most important aspect of the device.
  • Uncomfortable due to the bulky plastic and restriction of jaw movement.
  • Unhygienic due to the plastic becoming manky and smelly.
  • A short lifespan due to the plastic deforming and degrading in the mouth, and have to be regularly replaced.
  • A short term solution for a long term problem. Snoring and OSA typically get worse as we get older.
  • Breakages due to weak plastic material.
  • Unwanted tooth movements due to pressure on the front teeth and the deforming plastic.
  • Excessive mouth opening due to the bulky plastic. This leads to a dry mouth in the morning.
  • The tongue was being pushed backwards due to the bulky plastic in the tongue area. This is both uncomfortable and counter productive. The main purpose is to bring the lower jaw and tongue forward to open the airway.


Typically the mid-range device will involve a visit to the dentist. The dentist will normally take impressions of your teeth and hopefully a measurement of how far forward to bring your lower jaw. The impressions are then sent to a local dental laboratory where they will use a mass produced kit to assemble your device. Some parts will come in different sizes which will hopefully fit you, and they will use these to join together the soft plastic parts that suck onto your teeth.

The mid-range plastic devices obtained from a dentist are often better fitting than over-the-counter devices, but they still have many of the same drawbacks.

  • Restriction of jaw movement.
  • Unhygienic.
  • Short lifespan.
  • Short term solution.
  • Breakages.
  • Unwanted tooth movements.
  • Excessive mouth opening.
  • Pushing the tongue backwards.



To obtain a Somnowell you will need to see a Somnowell Practitioner. Lisa is a Somnowell trained dentist, and experienced in this field.

Lisa will take highly accurate impressions of your teeth, followed by a critical measurement of how far forward to bring you lower jaw. Uniquely the Lisa will also take a special measurement of your jaws called a facebow.

She will then send the impressions, bite, and facebow directly to Professor Simon Ash, the Somnowell inventor, at his laboratory in London. Professor Ash will then personally oversee the checking of your records, the design of your Somnowell appliance, plus its construction and final checks.

Every Somnowell is custom made and benefits from the direct input of a leading expert in this field with over 30 years clinical experience. The results are:

  • The most slim-line device available.
  • Greatly improved comfort and patient compliance.
  • Hygienic, easy to clean, sterilisable, and always clean and fresh.
  • Breakages are very rare.
  • Indefinite lifespan as it does not deform or degrade.
  • Free to open and close mouth and move jaw from left to right.
  • You can talk, drink, and take medication when using the device.
  • No infringement on tongue space.
  • No unwanted tooth movements.
  • You can close your mouth and breathe normally through your nose


1. 99% patient satisfaction. The Somnowell has an extremely high success rate and achieves excellent long term results.

2. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your physical and mental health.

3. Sharing a bed with your partner is important for the health of your relationship.

4. In cases of sleep apnoea the Somnowell could save your life. People have died in their sleep from asphyxiation. Untreated sleep apnoea can reduce life expectancy by more than 10 years.

5. The Somnowell will be the only device you will ever need.


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